CiderPress MDC Output

This is the Multi-Disk Catalog output for partial mirrors of the Asimov and Ground Apple II FTP sites.

Apple II Cassette Software

"" contains two 800K disk images with Apple II programs transferred from cassette tape. You will need an emulator that supports 800K images to run them directly. The disks each contain 5 140K DOS 3.3 volumes, which can be converted to 140K disk images with CiderPress if your emulator only supports those.

All programs are EXACTLY as they came from tape. When necessary, a "launcher" program has been included.

The disk contains, among other things, Tic Tac Talker (by Bill Depew), Apple Lis'ner (by Bob Bishop), and AppleTalker (by Bob Bishop and Bill Depew). Scans of the cassette inserts with the instructions are available for download (300dpi B&W).